We believe that art can be and should be combined with functionality.  Our work has value for our buyers because we focus on function.  Creating artful one-of-a-kind items from nature’s bounty with a utilitarian purpose seems to be the best of both worlds–practical, yet beautiful works of art.

With that in mind, we make bowls for use as salad or fruit servers,  salad tongs, bottle stoppers to protect opened wines and oils, pens and boxes worthy of an employee award presentation, desk tools and styluses, platters for use as chip and dip trays, burl slices for use as cheese trays, oil candles, lazy-susans, ikebanas to showcase a gardener’s blossoms, cutting boards, and custom vessel sinks for powder room or bar. We find joy in creating these for people who have a specific purpose for them. Many purchase or commission our pieces as useful keepsakes for dearly loved relatives who appreciate wood and the creative process.

Our segmented pieces have become our signature.  When designing a precision-cut pattern, we like to incorporate as many wood species as possible to lend complexity with balance and symmetry.  We are inspired by spalted patterns, a result of decomposing cell structure; nature’s primitive effects on wood reveal unique designs that we use with modern materials and methods.  We find it very satisfying that 80% or more of our wood is recycled from waste bins of other woodworkers.

We hope you’ll spend a little time looking at our Showroom.  The pictures, while not as evocative as actually picking up a bowl or stopper to feel the smoothness of the finish or admiring gradations of the woodgrain—are the next best thing.  Perhaps they’ll inspire your inner artist—we all have one, you know.  Ours is  “TURNING WOOD” to reflect the beauty of God’s world to those who look upon our art.

Thank you for visiting our website; enjoy your trip through Winchester Woodworks.